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Central African Republic

This country is literally at the center of Africa. It is bordered by countries to in the north, west and east of Africa. Its climate is mostly tropical due to its geographical position.

Why Central African Republic?

The people of this country have a great history from their early days in the north of Sudan, to slave trade, to being colonized by the Europeans. It is home to the Dzanga-Sangha National Park and the Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park which is a UNESCO world heritage. This is also where you will find the famed pygmy people of the Mbaiki Rainforests.

While your’re there… Rent a car and get around in Central African Republic

Visit the national parks; especially the Manovo-Gounda. You also must see the pygmy village and experience their culture. Travel through some of the rivers for that exotic African experience.  Another activity you could indulge in while you’re in the country is eating. The country has a variety of cultural diets from the native communities in the area to foreign recipes from the French and Chinese and even the Lebanese people.

How to get there

There are buses that come in from Chad and Cameroon though these are rare due to the long trip and the safety. Though, if you’re going to get to the country by road, it is better to use the public mode of transport. The country is land locked, make no mistake. There is, however, a river that comes from Congo to The Central African Republic. The boat ride begins at Kinshasa all the way to Bangui, the country’s capital. You could also to connect a plane to the country.  

What you will need

Everyone will need a visa unless you are a citizen of either Israel or Switzerland. It is advisable that you get a multiple entry visa because it’s a better deal at the same price.


The accommodation is mainly in Bangui and is basic but clean, reliable and the prices are pretty good. Bed and breakfast is available at amazing prices and you could have WiFi internet and hot water all day. All the rooms are air conditioned. In short, you’ll have a really good deal.

Car rental in Central African Republic

You could travel by boat especially if you’re shopping. It is quite common to hitch hike though you could also take a bus. You will be glad to know that there are reliable even international car hire companies in Central African Republic. The car hire companies rent their cars at reasonable prices mostly. By renting a car you could avoid the hustles of hitch hiking especially when you do not know who the driver is. It’s much easier to drive yourself so simply rent a car; not to mention that when you hire a car you could go anywhere you like. The car hire agencies also own 4WDs- which is what you might need in the reserves and national parks. Should you need a driver with your car for hire, the car hire agency would be I a position to provide you with one.

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